10 Reasons I am Rocking Motherhood!

The Rocking Motherhood Challenge
The Rocking Motherhood Challenge started by Patricia of whitecamellias.com

The Rocking Motherhood Challenge (#rockingmotherhood) has been making the rounds on Instagram and I think it is an awesome idea, cheers to Patricia of White Camellias for starting this challenge!!!  She has a beautiful site featuring lifestyle, motherhood and photography articles. What a great idea, here is the  link to the post that started it all, Patricia’s post 10 Reasons I Rock at Being a Mum…

Since I focus on happy things, this challenge is in my wheelhouse. Thanks to my new friend Heather of Glitter On A Dime for nominating me for the challenge. Heather has a beautiful site devoted to crafting that won’t break the bank, delicious recipes and family fun. She also has a super cute Instagram . Check out her sites !!!


The Rocking Motherhood Challenge

I read a number of other moms’ rocking motherhood lists, I found an interesting pattern.  Many mothers noted it would be easier to talk about what they wanted to do better or to highlight their mom fails.  It seems like many  moms feel like they are not doing enough or that there is this mystical mom out there doing everything so much better than the rest of us. Because of this perception, this challenge is so important. It encourages moms to reflect on their own strengths and not to focus so much on how they are doing in comparison to other mothers.

Being a mom is hard and we need to cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves a pat on the back for what we do well. I was going to post this on Mother’s Day, but I decided to hold off. On Mother’s Day, hopefully all mothers would be feeling lots of love and adoration from their families. We need those good feelings to continue, so I wanted to post it on a regular day, any old day, because it is the day-to-day where we often forget how awesome we are at being mothers. I really enjoyed participating #RockingMotherhood Challenge; it was a great exercise in thinking positively about how I am doing as a mother, but it was also fun reading about how other moms are rocking motherhood, thank you Patricia!!!  Since Mother’s Day was a few days ago, I was inspired  to  start this challenge by reflecting on why my mom rocks!

my mom with Little

My Mom Rocked Motherhood!

I am very lucky to have such an awesome mom, she will be crying as she reads this!!  Here are just a few of the many reasons she rocked:

1. She played with us! I remember living room forts and toys every where. She took me and my siblings to all kinds of parks. It has been really cool to be able to take my boys to some of the same parks my mom took me as a kid. Now it is really fun to get to watch her playing with my boys.

2. Being kind and polite was very important and still is important to my mom. Her favorite compliment she received when we were young was when people told her how polite and respectful her kids were. I am very grateful that kindness and manners were important to my parents, I am a better person for it!

3. Her standards and expectations were clear and she was always consistent. Which as a kid I did not always appreciate, but now I see it makes a household and family run smoothly when you are not always wondering where your boundaries are.

4. Hard work: She demonstrated what hard work and dedication looked like. She completed her undergraduate degree with me sitting next to her in class, I was a toddler. She took terrible jobs sometimes to help make ends meet and to give my dad a little relief on the work front. Once she took a job cleaning up on construction sites, she said it was hands down the worst job and really hard work, but the upside, she said it helped get her in great shape.

5. Unwavering Love and Support: She was and is my biggest cheerleader and would do anything for her kids and grandchildren and we all know that. Knowing we had and still have such a loving support net made it easier to spread our wings and try new things.

So THANK YOU so much mom. I love you!!!

The many ways my mom rocked motherhood directly influenced why I’m rocking motherhood! I was lucky enough to have parents that I want to emulate. I know sometimes people want to be the opposite of their parents, but I feel very luck to have parents who inspire me to be a great person and parent.

Rocking Motherhood Challenge

10 Reasons  I am Rocking Motherhood

1. We play outside: Everyday we try to get outside, even if it is raining, which in the Pacific Northwest is most of the time. But the rain is a good reason to buy fun rain boots! Fresh air really is mood changing and I find if we don’t get out and play the boys are more mischievous and don’t listen as well.
2. Share my interests: As you can tell from my posts and IG feed , I love to bake! My husband built a learning tower so Big and I could bake together. I hope both Big and Little can bake with me for a long time. I want to share my interests to give my boys some insight about who I am, in addition to being their mama.
3. Focus on manners: Sadly, I think politeness and common courtesy are becoming a lost art. People are surprised when my 3.5 year old says excuse me as he moves by someone. I strive to make sure both my boys can say please, thank you, excuse me and to look at people in the eyes when they are speaking with them. I am really trying to bring manners back! We talk about manners a lot and I try model the behavior I want to see.
4. I don’t sweat the small stuff: My kid is wearing dress pants and a jammies shirt and mismatched socks in public, so what. We are having breakfast for dinner, delicious! There are clean clothes piling up on the couch, easier to find what you need.
5. Housework is not my top priority:  I am a firm believer that house work can wait, I would rather do fun things with my kids. However, no shame if you are an immaculate housekeeper, just not my thing. We often need to have a party to get the house sparkly clean.
6. We love to read: We have read books since Big and Little  were  newborns and we have books all over the house so that they are available when the mood strikes. My husband and I also try to set a good example and we read things that we like too.
7. I can admit when I was wrong or didn’t behave my best: I am not perfect and that is ok, I have times when I am frustrated, don’t have a lot of patience and sometimes I yell. When it happens, I say I am sorry and we talk about what happened and move on. Sometimes I need to take a deep breath and count to 10. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, so if I have some that aren’t my best, there are plenty more to redeem myself.
8. I’m having the best time creating traditions: Traditions were my favorite part of childhood. I loved looking forward to each holiday and the special things my family would do together. Some of my best childhood memories are based on my family traditions.  I have incorporated some of my childhood traditions and adding new ones to help make memories for my boys. Recently, we added an outdoor Easter tree to our Easter traditions.
9. Encourage them to help: I want my boys to know that being a part of a family means helping to keep our household running. I am not the maid. There are things, even as little guys, they can help me do. Big has helped to unload the dishwasher since he could walk and now Little gets in on the unloading fun. Big is really proud that he can bring in the empty garbage can from the street.
10. To show affection and kindness:  I love hugging and snuggling my babies. They are growing so fast; I know there will come a time they won’t snuggle back or they will shirk away saying “Mommmmm”. So I am going to enjoy the early years where they walk towards me hands wide up, asking for an uppy-hug! I will continue to show them love and affection as they grow. In terms of kindness, I want to teach them to be kind to others and kind to themselves. I have tried to model kindness to myself by not putting myself down and cutting myself some slack.

Me and Big before Little was born

My Nominees

To complete the Rocking Motherhood Challenge, I have to nominate 3 others to take part.  I would like to nominate the following awesome ladies:

Archie of Present Full Mama : Archie really has a way with words! Her beautifully written posts cover daily mom life, but she also tackles some tough subjects. You need to check out her blog and her Instagram for great parenting perspective and inspirational posts.

Jamie of This Cool Mom Blog : Jamie is a hard-working mama who features style, recipes, entertainment tips and parenting information. Take look at her site and you will find like I did, she really is a cool mom! Check her out on Instagram too.

Caitlin of Rogers Party of 5:  Caitlin is an amazing mom of 3! She is juggling a preschooler and twin toddlers, so she has her hands full. Her blog features helpful articles on parenting and kids, a wealth of  information on twins, as well as, health and beauty. She really is rocking motherhood!  She finished her Rocking Motherhood post on Instagram before I was even close to posting this blog !

Here are some other Mom Bloggers who I consider to be Rocking Motherhood and you should check them out too!!!

Stephenie of BlendedLifeHappyWife. She blogs about family topics related to blended families, but has many articles that are applicable to all families. She also posts about fun, easy crafts to do with your kids. She is amazingly kind and supportive of other new bloggers!! She hosts the #Allformamas Link Party which is a great way to meet some great mom bloggers and to get more eyes on your blog posts. She really demonstrates the building each other up mentality. Thank you Stephenie!!!

Robin of the MamaPlaybook: When I need a pick me up, I head over to Robin’s site, she has a ton of video blogs that are funny and real. Her site features parenting topics and funny or touching musing of day-to-day of mom life. Thank you Robin for making me smile and laugh, especially on the days I am deep in the motherhood trench!

Being a mom is hard, so cut yourself some slack, you are doing great!! I would encourage you to participate in the Rocking Motherhood Challenge!  You don’t have to write a blog post about it like I did, but I would encourage you to think about the 10 reasons you rock at being a mom, write them down and keep your list somewhere you can refer back to it on a tough day.

Rock on Mamas!!!

Cheers, Amy

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  1. I love that you included why your mom rocked! Sounds like you learned from the best! Glad to hear that you are playing with your little one outside whenever possible…I feel like this is one of the most important things we can do for our children!

  2. I am very honored and touched by your comments regarding my parenting. More importantly your father and I are very proud of the mother you have grown to be and continue to be everyday.
    Love Mom

  3. So here I am, crying because your post is so beautiful and then I see my name too! Dear friend you made me so very happy! Thank you with all my heart! I am beyond honored!
    I absolutely love love LOVED this post. Your tribute to your amazing mama melted my heart completely. And you ARE rocking this Motherhood thing, I commend you so much for your priorities with your family I know you will never regret it! You’re truly incredible mama!

    1. Thank you Christina for taking time to read my post. I really enjoyed participating in the challenge and would encourage all moms to think of at least a few things that make them feel great about their mothering skills.

  4. Amy,
    I love your post about your Mom, who helped me be a better Mom by being my best friend! Not a better compliment in the world than when your child wants to share how you “rocked motherhood”!!! Love you girl <3

  5. You are so sweet to mention me. I can’t even tell you how much that means. You are definitely Rocking Motherhood, i so love your blog snd the posts you share. Thank you so very much

    1. Stephenie, I have been so grateful for your kindness and support that I wanted try and return the favor. You work so hard promoting and helping others! I want to let you know your efforts do not go unnoticed and I really appreciate them!

    1. Hi Camesha, thank you for stopping by and reading my post! It is a fun challenge isn’t it? I love that it is still making the rounds, I hope it continues since we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back!

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