LuLaRoe…Yes or No? My two cents on this fast growing direct sales company

My experience with the LuLaRoe brand.

Each month I try to highlight something whimsical, meaning something that brings me happiness or makes me smile. This month it’s Leggings!!

As a child of the 80’s, I like leggings…scratch that, I love legging material. I have been an avid yoga pants wearer for a while now, but was recently re-introduced to the world of leggings. If you don’t like leggings or don’t define them as pants, I think you might just be trying to convince yourself that you don’t :). You might also have said you don’t like Journey or Earth, Wind and Fire, but come on, everyone loves at least one song!!

Back to leggings, as a kid I remember wearing leggings with long sweaters. They were so cozy and had such fun prints. My favorite leggings as a kid had hearts on them. Flash forward to the present, heart leggings!!! ‘nough said.

Lularoe leggings
Love pattern mixing: hearts and stripes. I am not so good at taking selfies.

Many of us 80’s children who loved leggings then, are now ravenously purchasing leggings and comfy clothes. Athleisure is a rapidly growing and a very profitable trend.  There are a lot of  companies selling fun patterned and colorful leggings, just Google colorful leggings, if you don’t believe me.


One brand that is growing like gang busters is LuLaRoe. I had not heard of LuLaRoe until my sister-in-law, who is way cooler than I am, had a pop-up party a few months ago. When leaving for the party, I told my husband, “don’t worry, I am not going to buy anything”, famous last words.

*Please note, I am not a consultant, nor am I in the queue to become one. This is my honest opinion based on my experiences.*
* This is NOT a paid or sponsored post*

LuLaRoe has been around since 2014, but really has exploded in the last couple of years. I think it’s due to all the 80’s children longing for the comfort and the fun patterns of our youth, but that’s just a hunch.

LuLaRoe is a direct sales company. Their product line is sold via consultants, Facebook pages, in-home boutiques and pop-up shops. Usually with direct sales, you only get to see a few products in-person and the rest are in catalogs or there are demos of how you might use the product in your home. To my surprise, when  I showed up at my sister-in-law’s house and there were racks and racks of shirts, skirts and dresses and baskets and baskets full of leggings. What a great way to hook people, with so many direct sales products, you have to wait to get your items. I could feel and try on any of the items and I got to take home what I purchased that day.

Racks and racks of dresses, shirts and skirts !

The party was in my birthday month, so my mom bought me two shirts and a pair of leggings. I bought myself 3 pairs of leggings…so much for not buying anything! LuLaRoe is best known for their leggings.

Leggings, Leggings and More Leggings

Known as butter leggings, the leggings are as soft as everyone claims. They come in solid colors, fun flower patterns, fun shapes, animals, food, and then some down right crazy patterns. I think there is something for everyone. There is also a limit on how many items the company will print in each pattern, creating an exclusivity about their products. Really rare and beautiful patterns are called unicorns. People are making money hunting for specific patterns, unicorn hunters, who knew?


Flowers, shapes, and tons of colors, oh my!

The Good and The Bad

After my SIL’s party, I wanted to learn more about the LuLaRoe company. I started reading different articles and watching YouTube videos. There is a lot of both good and bad press out there. People are pretty passionate on both sides, which is usually the case when something is growing in popularity.

I read complaints about leggings with holes and the butt ripping out. One of the leggings I purchased had tiny holes in them. I was lucky that I didn’t get the big holes others complained about or have the butt totally rip out while out in public. I was disappointed, of course! I spent good money and I had a pair of holey leggings. I also booked a pop-up shop party in the coming months; I wondered, should I still have it? My party hinged on how the consultants responded to my pair of holey leggings.

My LuLaRoe consultants, Heather Drasin and Cassie Idler, are amazing ladies. Best friends turned business partners, feel free to check out their Facebook page. I mainly worked with Heather on my holey legging issue, but Cassie is also awesome!!

First off, Heather was professional and apologetic. It is clear that she is passionate about her business and values her customers’ experiences. She immediately offered to let me select a new pair of leggings or she would find me the same pattern. I decide to see if I could get the same pattern since it was a fun one and I really liked it. She kept me posted on the progress and checked on me to make sure I received my replacement leggings. Her professionalism, genuine care for her customers, and excellent follow through goes along way in my book. I will now only buy from Heather and Cassie or someone in their line!

Defects in clothing happen and when they happen, you return the item. It’s all about how the shop owner responds. I was happy with the care these ladies took and I was happy to still host a pop up shop.  I now have 8 pairs of leggings, none of these leggings have ripped or have holes. I have two shirts, a Sarah cardigan and Carly dress. The clothes are fun, have a nice fit, are comfortable, but look put together, and are sold by local business women. So for me, there are a number of good reasons for me to be a “yes” when it comes to this brand.

Lots of great legging patterns!

Here’s my advice if you are thinking about trying LuLaRoe:

1. Try items before buying!!! Go to a pop-up party or find an in-home boutique. You need to try the items on!! Some of the sizing is a little strange. For example, I usually wear a L or XL in clothes, but I could wear a small in the Carly dress (fit is in the chest) and a M in the Irma shirt.

2. Take notes on the names of items and what sizes fit best. I found some printable size cards online,  you can find them in my Lularoe Style and Info Pinterest board.

3. Before you go, do a closet consult.  Pick at least 5 of your favorite items you wear the most, take pictures on your phone, use PicCollage to have those pictures handy when looking at items in the pop up shop. That way you can make sure your purchases will fit with the favorite items you already own.

4. Follow Facebook groups to find more items. Once you know your LuLaRoe sizes and which styles you like, then buy using the Facebook parties and groups to increase the amount of inventory you can view.

5. Ask your consultants questions! When buying online don’t be afraid to ask questions of the kind of material, since type of material can also determine fit.

6.  Treat your leggings gently! They are soft and lovely; they do not have the durability of jeans, so don’t treat them that way!!

7.  Follow the care instructions! Turn inside out, wash cold gentle cycle with other LuLaRoe items and hang or lay flat dry.

8. Understand policies, returns, shipping fees, etc. 

9. Find amazing consultants to work with, I highly recommend, Heather and Cassie! 

10. This goes for all clothes or any item you buy: if you don’t love it, don’t buy it!!!

Bottom line for me: Love the clothes and I will continue to support local people in their business endeavors!

Check out my Lularoe style and info Pinterest board


10 tips when buying Lularoe

Cheers, Amy

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  1. i got in the habit of joining multiple groups. i found a consultant that lives one street down from me. my husband’s cousin sells, too. now i just shop with them. i like the personal experience so much better. i’m addicted to the irmal top–it is always my go-to casual top 🙂

    1. Jennifer, thanks for stopping by, your comment was in my spam filter, sorry about that! I just bought my first Irma and I really like it too! It was fun to shop at home with friends and a bit of bubbly! Happy shopping!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Chelsea! Glad to help! I would say the most important one is to try and see them in person at least the first time. It will help you get a feel for the items and how the consultants run their business.

  2. Me and several friends are LuLa Roe lovers. It’s so cute and comfortable. It’s important to get the right size leggings too even though there’s only a couple sizes. I’m am on the border of sizes and always go larger because I don’t want to encourage holes. Oh, and washing them properly.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Elise!! I wanted to put my experience out there, for me it really comes down to the people you are buying from, like any direct sales, there are some awesome people really working their butts off and then their are some people who don’t take it seriously and don’t treat their customers well. Go try in person, you can check out the clothes and the consultants at the same time.

  3. I love my LuLaRoe and my consultant! I love the idea of the closet review of favorite things before heading to a Pop-Up!

  4. These are such great tips. I have yet to purchase anything from LuLaRoe, but have been so curious. My 5 year old was actually given a couple of pairs and she LOVES them. Every time she puts them on she says “oh, these are the soft ones!”

  5. Oh, this brings back memories. I remember my leggings and over sized sweaters in the 80s. I lived in them. I love the same thing now too… Thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 6 #allformamas. I appreciate that you have been participating week after week. Thank you for your support. I will share this post on the Facebook group page, my page, twitter and pinterest

  6. Yay! I too am a Leggings Lover for Life!!!! So happy your wrote this post I’ve been wondering about them lately! I mean, I really do live in leggings! And they have sooooo many fun pairs!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for reading Robin! . I love your site and your posts, so funny!!! I think there are a lot of great leggings out there. I was lucky enough to meet some awesome reps via my sister in law. Parties or pop-ups are key so you can see if you like there stuff.

    1. Thank you for reading Adria! With the amount of leggings this company is creating there are bound to be a few flaws now and again, but I was really happy with how my consultants handled it. I know it turns people off the brand, but if there was a flaw in something you bought at the GAP or Macy’s you would just take it back and would probably still shop there. The LuLa Ladies I met are really working hard and love their business, so I am happy to support them when I can.

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