Mother’s Day Gifts any Mom would love!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all stages of motherhood

Mother’s day is less than one month away and there are several women in my family who deserve great and thoughtful mother’s day gifts. Now is the time to start thinking about what I want to do for my mom for Mother’s day. She continues to be a wonderful mother helping and guiding me on my own motherhood journey. She is the best Gigi in the world and my boys love her so much, so we want to make sure she has a lovely Mother’s day. *Gigi, spoiler- alert, if you want to know about your gift, keep reading; if you want it to be a surprise, read after Mother’s day!*

So if you haven’t started thinking about what you want to do or give on Mother’s day, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my list of things that any mother would love.

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Gifts for all Moms

Gifts made by the people who love them

Handmade gifts:  All moms, grandmas, and great grandmas love things made by their kids or grand-kids, especially when little hands and feet are featured. The sight of these handmade treasures usually brings a tear to the eye. Here are flowers that I made inspired by the many ideas on Pinterest.

Flowers using my boys’ hands and W’s foot.

I am Pinterest junkie and I am constantly searching it for fun things to make. Some of my favorite things are the hand and foot print paintings. We only used two colors of paint for the flowers. The next one I will make, I will use three to four colors. My 14 month old did not like his hands being painted, so I did a foot. Then I used a sharpie to write their names and ages on the canvas. Next time I will use a thicker and darker sharpie so you can see the names and ages easier.

You will need a canvas, paint , foam paint brushes, marker and your kiddos’ hands or feet. You could paint the whole canvas or leave it white.

Make a meal: The first mother’s day meal, my brother, sister and I made for my mom was dinner. On the menu was slightly green mashed potatoes, bland,  tough meatloaf and salad with a sprinkling of dirt for added texture. My sister who was 6 at the time didn’t realize that you had to wash the lettuce and my brother who was 9 didn’t get all the green spots off the potatoes. My taste buds at 12 were not very refined. Did she eat this meal, of course! Did she say she loved it, many times. Thinking about now, makes me laugh because it was probably hands down one of the worst meals, but my mom made sure that we felt appreciated and encouraged us to feel proud of the “wonderful” mother’s day meal.

Gift of Time

Time off:  I remember as a new mom, I fell into the all too common pattern of baby first all the time. So much so, it would be days since I had a shower. My husband would have to remind me it’s ok, to put the baby in the bouncer outside of the shower and take one; he will be ok. Offer to take care of baby, so the new mommy can do something she likes, go to lunch with a friend, or just get out of the house.

Time with you:  This gift is really nice for a teen or grown child to give. Sometimes mom just wants to spend time with you! Take your mom out to do something she likes, spend the day together. I think about all the time my mom gave me growing up and how much time and care I am giving to my little boys. I hope that as they get older and more independent that they will want to take some time just to hang out with me, at least every once in a while. I  know my mom loves to spend time with all of her grown children.

Time with the grand-kids: If your mom is a grandma like mine, you can give her the gift of time with her beautiful grandchildren. I admit this one is a little self-serving, since time with their Gigi, leaves self-care time for mommy. 😁

Gigi and W

Favorite Things

Think about what she likes to do or something she loves. Does your mom like to garden, bake, cook, read, craft, knit, travel or be pampered?  Build her a box or jar gift based on what she loves. Again, Pinterest has a ton of box/jar gift ideas!

Acrylic jar: We use this brand of jars in our bathroom, very durable and looks nice despite not being glass.

Here are some great jars and boxes that you could use for your gift.

Gardener’s Box: My mom loves to garden. Digging in the dirt is one of her favorite pastimes. I’m going to build a gift around that this year.

Box contents will be:

Gardening gloves:  Pretty flower gloves or more durable gloves

Garden knee pad : this one comes is several colors.

Sun Hat: Target has some amazing sun hats!

Canvas of my boys’ hand prints as flowers

Handmade flower/plant markers, check out my Pinterest Mother’s Day gift board!

Something Sparkly

It doesn’t have to break the bank. There are bracelets, necklaces, and rings with precious, semi-precious or non-precious birthstones that are always a hit. Etsy has some amazing mother’s day stuff.


Gift card for manicure/pedicure/massage: If the mom in your life needs a little more prodding to leave baby or kids for bit, add a gift card to your gift of time. Or surprise her and do some self-care together.  With the gift card, there are no excuses not to go and get pampered.

Self-Care DIY gifts:
I found a blogger via Instagram who posted about some homemade mother’s day gifts to pamper mom. Author Kim Amy of, blogged about using essential oils and coconut oil to make some awesome face and body products. I think I will be making the vapor rub for my self and some other mommies I know. Check out Kim Amy’s other homemade gift ideas at this link,

I hope this list helped you to start thinking about what you want to do for the mothers in your life. Check out my Pinterest Mother’s Day gift board for more awesome ideas.




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Cheers, Amy

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  1. These are great tips! We love homemade and meals over here! I love gifts, personally, but I really don’t love all the pressure that often comes with it to have the biggest, nicest things! It’s good to remember that small thoughtful things can sometimes mean the most!

    1. Mary, Thank you for stopping by! My brother, sister and I had the best time making meals for my mom and I’m happy to say that we got to be much better chefs! Time together is probably one of the best gifts! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Carli! I would love to see your gift guide and add it to my Pinterest board, if that is ok. Feel free to drop your link in the comments and I will pin it! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. This is a great list of ideas. I always find Mom is the hardest one to shop for. I love the homemade gift ideas or the meal or time, but shopping is always exciting too. I’m sure this list is going to help many people plan a special Mother’s Day for their Mom. Thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 5 #allformamas I will share this post on the Facebook group page, on my page, pinterest, twitter

    1. Thank you Stephenie! Yes, I love shopping too, I think I will take my mom to her favorite garden store in addition to the gift! I am really enjoying being a part of the Mamas Link Party group. Hope your people give you a wonderful mother’s day!

  3. This is a wonderful list Amy! I love these ideas! So sweet about your dinner you made when you were little, I bet it is one of your mamas fondest memories!

    1. Thank you Robin for taking the time to read my post! The memory of that meal always gets a good laugh out of my mom and my dad at family gatherings. I hope your people give you a great mother’s day!!

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