Parental Juggling Act

As parents, we are all talented jugglers!

Watching someone keep several balls, pins, knives or other items up in the air is pretty exciting. While actual juggling is pretty whimsical; the figurative kind we do as parents is not as exciting, but it is still an impressive feat.   Parents have a lot going , we usually are juggling multiple roles and trying to find balance. We work inside or outside the home, we care for children and sometimes other family members and we try to find time to better ourselves or do things we enjoy. It is difficult to find time to do everything. We often find ourselves in a very precise and overwhelming juggling act.

My Juggling Act

For me, I am a stay at home parent, but I also have done some part-time phone and online advising, creating/ teaching a career class, hoping to launch a handmade card side hustle and I am continuing on my blogging adventure. I was feeling stressed and pulled in way too many directions.

Normally, I have things planned out and I am really organized, but the last few weeks did not go as planned. This was the not first week that I did not have my stuff together, but it was the first time I did not have my stuff together to write my blog post. I have worked on my blog for the last 3 months and I have read enough blogging articles to know that being consistent is important, so I was disappointed that I was not able to give my blog role the time it needed this week and last week.

For the roles that are just for me, the card making and my blog, I have to try to fit those activities in between my main roles. Normally, I am able to write and edit a post in several 15 minute increments throughout the day and it usually takes 5 or so days to write the content, edit, take pictures and create graphics. It is a much longer process if I am recipe testing. I promote my blog on social media during nap-time and at night once my little guys fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and I have to write it down, thank goodness for Google Keep on my phone! While the stopping and starting method would not work for everyone, it is how I have been making it work.

Dropping the Ball!

Last week I was doing a lot of class prep and the weather has been getting nicer, so the boys and I have been playing outside more.  I also bought some fun stuff at the Paper Source store and I was dying to line some envelops for my card making endeavor. I was devoting  a lot more time to some of my other roles.  I planned to write this week’s blog post about graduation and the books I would give new graduates, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was not excited about it and wanted to do other things instead.  For me to write blog content, I need to be excited about it and I have to have time for it. So this week, I had to figure out what ball I could pull out of the air and set down so that I could keep my juggling act going. The ball I chose to set down was the blog.

At first, I felt really bad about dropping the ball, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized we all have to make choices about which roles we want to juggle. For example, I could have kept my role in the  working world, but it was important to me to stay at home with my boys, so I put my career ball on the shelf for now.

Sometimes we need to pick one or two balls to drop just to make the juggling act continue. If I would have kept pushing to keep all the balls in the air, I may have inadvertently dropped a really important one and missed out on a chance to have fun with my kids. So if you are feeling stressed about your juggling act, think about the roles or tasks you have up in the air, are there any you can set down every now and again?

What ball can you take out of your rotation for a bit?

For example, If you come by my house unannounced, you will find that I set down the house cleaning ball a lot. I also put down the dinner making ball in favor of take out a few times a week. Since my blog is something I am doing for enjoyment, unfortunately, it is one role that will have to be set down every now and again, but I can’t feel bad about it, I just need to pick it back up when I can.

Now that my class is pretty much done, I just have one group of assignments left to grade, then final grades to post, and my online/phone advising is coming to an end, I know it will be a lot easier to put my blog back in the rotation. Thank you for bearing with me and for reading this musing on my juggling act.



P.S. Here is a preview of my card making endeavors. Stay tuned to my products page for updates.
My card making endeavor.
These are pictures I took on my travels to Venice, Florence and Rome. I used a printing company to turn them into cards. Hope to have an Etsy shop built soon!

18 Replies to “Parental Juggling Act”

  1. I can totally relate to this! All the balls have been spinning around in chaos & dropping everywhere for me. This has led me to put my career on the shelf for now as well. I am looking forward to rediscovering myself & enjoying my family more. If only I can make it through these next few weeks!!!!

    1. Wow, good luck setting your career ball down,I bet it was a tough decision! Good luck getting through the next few weeks and redistributing all your roles!! Take care and thanks for reading!!

  2. The hardest part of all, figuring out what needs to be unjuggled! So many balls in the air some days! I can’t wait for your next post 😊

  3. Beautiful envelopes and cards. Your article on juggling was very good and very true. You have to let somethings go to concentrate on the more important ones.

  4. Sometimes I just like to drop all the balls to regain my sanity! This is a great article and oh so true. Being a parent I feel like a juggler in my own circus sometimes

  5. I love this! We all take on too much sometimes and I definetly drop the house cleaning ball a lot!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to read this post! I think there are a few like house cleaning and making dinner are the easy ones to pull out of the rotation every now and again. I wish I didn’t toss the workout ball out of rotation so frequently.

  6. Life is actually juggling & it gets really tough to decide which ball needs to be laid down.. Heart & mind speaks so different & hence the chaos starts! Great you figured out.. good luck

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my post. I don’t think I have it down just yet, but feeling less bad when I do have to set one or two down. I think I am most proud of letting more of the guilt go.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this and can totally relate. We moms have to juggle so much. Family and health should always come first. I am mostly a SAHM but do work occasionally as a fill-in at my dream job. I’m so grateful they let me stay on as a full-in. It’s the perfect mix for me.

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