Quick Thought and my Guest Post on Parental Patience

I thought the internet was ruled by trolls and haters…what I have found is that blogging moms  are rooting for each other to be successful and they are supportive and kind.  It’s a mom-thing!

I continue to be surprised by the blogging community.  I have been so lucky to find a wonderful community of blogging moms. Some moms are working moms, some are stay-at-home moms and others are doing a combination of both and blogging about any topic under the sun.

For example when I started joining blogging groups, I happened to stumbled upon Robin’s blog themamaplaybook. It is a wonderful blog about the funny things and the hard things about being a parent. Her Monday video logs are something you have to check out either on her blog or on her Facebook page. Her video logs or vlogs are funny or heart-felt, I always feel better after watching one. So when she asked me if I would do a guest post for her, I was so excited and honored.

Guest Post

I had this idea to write a post on patience and how hard it is for me some days to keep my patience when hanging out with Big and Little all day long.  We usually have awesome days, but they are days that I can barely hold it together and I wanted to explore what I have done on those days to regain my composure.  I also wanted to reach out to the community of blogging mamas to see what they do to keep it together. So this guest post is a mixture of the tips that I gathered from the blogging mamas and my tips. I hope you enjoy it!


Guest Post: Parental Patience

Here is the link to my guest post: Parental Patience on themamaplaybook.com Thank you!

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