My Top 10 Books for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers


Books for ages 0-3
All of these books have been approved by my toddler and preschooler. Don’t have time to read now, PIN for later!

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Reading has always been something that brings me great joy.  I love getting lost in a story and wanting to know what will happen next so badly that I can  not put the book down. I think the last time I really felt this way, was reading the Harry Potter series. My husband reads all the time and I read a lot before having kids. We have bookcases and baskets full of books at our house, upstairs, downstairs, in bedrooms and in the playroom. One day I hope we will have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast, rather than books tucked all over the house. I think we are book hoarders, but there are worse things to hoard! We never feel bad about buying books and we love to visit Half Priced Books. I hope to instill the love of books and reading in my boys!

Books, Books and more Books

Recently, I have been reading a lot of blog posts as they are quick and I can read them on my phone. I am apart of an amazing blogging group, the #Allformamaslinkparty created by Stephenie White Gamache, the author of BlendedLifeHappyWife; one of the blog submissions for last week’s link party was Be Inspired by the Best Book Lists on Pinterest, submitted by Jasmine at  Do What you Love, Mama. Two of my favorite things, books and Pinterest! Great minds clearly think alike,  I have been pinning loads and loads of book lists, mainly for myself of things to read when I have more time.

When I read Jasmine’s post on the Best Book Lists, I was excited to see some lists I wanted to save for later, but I also thought I could do my own list of the books we are enjoying right now. I decided to make a list of the books we read repeatedly at our house. The books I am reading right now are in the infant, toddler and preschooler genre. I guarantee the books on this list will bring lots of laughter and joy. We have all the books listed here and many more…see we have a problem!

You can check out My Book List Pinterest Board here.  Picking my favorite books will require a lot more deliberation and review, I will save that list for a later post.

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My Top 10 Books/Series for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

1. Anything Sandra Boynton: Her books are funny, sometimes have songs associated with them and have wonderful illustrations. They are also on the short side, so if you need a quick bedtime story these are perfect. We read the following Sandra Boynton books all the time: Snuggle Puppy, Barn Yard Dance, Moo, Baa, La La La and Dinosaur’s Binkit. We have so many of these books, we really should buy stock in Sandra Boynton!

Here are just a few of the SB books that we have ! These are the ones we love the most! These books have the teeth marks to prove it.

2. Little Blue Truck series by by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry: If you have kiddos who love trucks like mine, then this series is for you. Great illustrations and catchy rhymes.  I think I have the two main books memorized. This series also has adorable Christmas and Halloween books too. We love the Little Blue Truck!

One of our favorite series!

3. Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney: Sadly the author passed last year from brain cancer, her last wish for people to read books to their kids, . We love her books , they  are super short, rhyme and have really cute pictures.  If you don’t have a ton of time before getting the kiddos down to bed, then these books will work great!  But what’s the deal with Zippity Zoom, it has a line about red pajamas throughout the book, I don’t get it. Here are our Llama Llama favorites: Nighty-Night, I love You, Zippty-Zoom and Red Pajamma.

We love these little books about llamas.

4. Star Wars Epic Yarns by Jack and Holman Wang : My preschooler is obsessed with Star Wars. He has never seen any of the movies, but dang the Disney/Star Wars marketing machine really works!  We found these cute books with felt characters. I am so impressed with the amazing felt-working skills!! Serious crafting goals!  We have all three:  New Hope,  Return of the Jedi, and Empire Strikes Back . The authors also have a series of cozy classics that look really cute. I might need the Pride and Prejudice one for my P&P collection.

Star Wars for the little fan. Of course I could only find 2 of the 3 books when I wanted to take a picture of them.

5.  Good Night Series by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper.  We have Good Night Seattle, Washington State and New Baby. These make great baby shower gifts since there are so many different options.

We love these Good Night books.

6. Any lift the flap book. One of our favorites is The Ultimate Construction Site Book by Anne-Sopie Baumann and Didier Balicevic. It boasts over 60 interactive elements. My mother-in-law gave it to my oldest and he just loves it. It’s a little too delicate for my littler guy.

Lots of elements to lift and move!

7. Dr. Seuss Classics: Hop on Pop  and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are two of our favorites. We read the Grinch year round. We also love the little board books too!

Dr. Seuss board books

8. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry. This book has been around a long time and has been recommend to me several times. It has a lot of great pictures with loads of things to look at, my older son likes to point out the silly cars.

So many fun things to look at in this book!

9. Tiny board book block set :  We have the Sesame Street  block and Thomas the Tank Engine block, but there are many others. These little books are great to take to restaurants, they fit in my purse and are fun to stack too.

We love these little board books!

10. Hello and High Five by Highlights Magazine: These are awesome subscriptions. Hello magazine  is made of really durable material for  infants and toddlers. High Five is geared towards preschoolers. Both my boys love getting these in the mail. My mom bought the subscriptions for their birthdays, it is a great gift.

These books can be chewed on and wiped down really easily!

For more book ideas for kids, check out my  Pinterest Kids’ Book Board. There are so many awesome books out there, What are you reading with your kids?

10 Fun Books for 0-3
10 Fun Books for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers


When I get a bit more time, here are the lists I will be scouring to find my next read!


Cheers and happy reading! Amy

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  1. All great choice! We also love little blue truck 😊 and I personally love the Sandra Boynton books but my son will only read pajama time even though we have a fee of hers.

    1. Kristyn, thank you for stopping by! I hope the authors write more Little Blue Truck books, the Christmas one is my new holiday favorite, there is a surprise at the end that is super cute!

  2. You are such a sweet Mama. thank you so much for the mention. I truly appreciate your participation in the link party and the group. You are such a supportive member and work hard to help share the work of others. We need more Mama’s like you 🙂

    1. When I commented before I didn’t know yet that you linked this in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 7 #allformamas. I will share this post on the Facebook group page, my page, pinterest and twitter

  3. What a fantastic list! If I had a toddler, I would use this as my shopping list. I remember some like these from when my kids were young!

  4. We absolutely LOVE the Llama Llama series! When my oldest was 2, we told him to go get his favorite book and he kept bringing Nighty-night, everytime. 🙂 he’s now 4 and loves to read to his brother. 🙂 great list!

    1. Marissa, Thank you for stopping by! So cute that your boys are reading to each other, we are starting some of that at our house! My favorite Llama Llama book is the Valentine’s day one!

  5. We read Llama Llama every night before bed! I’m not sure the Star Wars book would work for my 3 year old, however, I am sure my husband would beg to differ and would be thrilled to have our daughter read it!

    1. Maheshwari, I debated leaving those off the list, but my older son was very adamant about including them since they are his favorite right now and they are pretty darn cute.

  6. These are great recommendations! My son loves The Little Blue Truck books, and we will have to pick up some of these others! Thanks for the read!

    1. Michelle, thank you for stopping by ! I hope you are enjoying your Mother’s Day!! I can’t help it I love to read!! It is so easy to buy beautiful kids books. We try to buy from Half Priced Books, so we don’t break the bank!

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